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The 10 Best 3d Glasses  Jun 2019

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Best 3d Glasses - Portable Curved Mobile 3D Screen Glass Magnifier St Review Parikshit Sublimation
9 . 6
Best 3d Glasses - Portable Curved Mobile 3D Glass Magnifier Stand Review Parikshit Sublimation
9 . 4
Best 3d Glasses - DOMO nHance CM230B Anaglyph Passive Cyan and Magenta Review Domo
9 . 3
Best 3d Glasses - DOMO nHance CM610P Anaglyph Passive Cyan and Magenta Review Domo
8 . 9
Best 3d Glasses - kakooze 2 Pair Adult Plastics Red/Blue 3D Glasses Review Kakooze
8 . 6
Best 3d Glasses - kakooze 5 Pair Adult Plastics Red/Blue 3D Glasses Review Kakooze
8 . 4
Best 3d Glasses - HRINKAR 3D Glass for Mobile Phone, Computer, Laptop Review HRINKAR
8 . 1
Best 3d Glasses - iXport™ 5 Pairs Adult Red/Blue 3D Glasses Anaglyph Review Ixport
7 . 8
Best 3d Glasses - 10 Pairs of Red/Cyan Cardboard 3D Glasses Review 3D Glasses Direct
7 . 6
Best 3d Glasses - Docooler G66 Passive 3D Glasses Polarized Lenses Review Docooler
7 . 0

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Your Guide To Buying a 3d Glass

By Yehudah Posnick

    If you have a 3D television, or if you have 3D Blu-Rays or Netflix, you need 3D glasses that will allow you to appreciate the 3D viewing feature. Also, there are projectors that allow you to see the pictures in 3D—if you have the right glasses, that is. With the right type of glasses, there are also options to view content from your computer (games, video, etc.) in 3D. You will notice that there are both active shutter 3D systems, and polarized 3D systems. Which is best for you? You'll need a little familiarity with each system's requirements.

    We've put together this guide to help you select the best 3D glasses that answer to your needs. It'll help you:

    • Choose the right type of 3D glasses,

    • See useful tips about that type of 3D glasses,    

    • Read reviews of different brands of 3D glasses, and what customers are saying,

    • Select the right brand of 3D glasses, and

    • Compare prices and find the best deals.

    • Stereoscope glasses: These consist of having two photographs of the same object, each from a slightly different angle, presented to each eye separately. The mind merges the images to give the impression of a 3D image. The View-Master was an example of a popular children's toy for viewing a reel of pictures in such a way.

    • Anaglyph lenses: These were the first type of 3D glasses. The familiar red/cyan glasses use two different colored lenses, one cyan colored, that blocks all the red light, and one red colored, blocking all the cyan light. Since each eye sees the image at a different angle, the brain merges them as one overlapping image.

    • Polarized lenses: Polarized 3D glasses have one lens that blocks the light rays going in the vertical direction, while the other lens blocks the light rays going in the horizontal direction. Here, the mind also merges the two images as a single, 3D image coming out of the screen.

    • Shutter glasses: The lenses of these glasses are essentially 2 liquid crystal displays. These are battery powered glasses, where each lens gradually darkens while the other one becomes lighter.

    • Virtual reality glasses: These allow you to attach a smartphone with virtual reality capabilities to your glasses. This allows you to watch a movie in 3D in such a way that you are totally immersed in it. You can also hook these up to MP4 or Power DVD. 

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Comfort: Some users recommended rubber-frame 3D glasses, such as the 3D Heaven glasses. They are more comfortable than standard plastic frame glasses.

    • Rechargeable batteries: People also prefer glasses with built-in rechargeable batteries.

    • Compatible with other models of TVs: Even though each company makes 3D glasses to accompany their 3D TV—and they'll work for some series of TVs and not for others--that doesn't mean that you can't use it for something else. For example, the Samsung SSG-5150GB 3D Active Glasses will work with many models of Panasonic televisions, as well as Epson projectors. So check the compatibility of your glasses before making a purchase.

    • Computer games: If you want to use 3D glasses for PC gaming, you'll have to make sure that your graphics card is compatible for it (such as an NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 Ti, or Radeon), or that your computer's processor is capable of running 3D software. You might have to buy a 3D monitor as well, but then they usually come with a set of compatible 3D glasses.

    Samsung Electronicswas founded in 1969 by Lee Kun-hee. They originally specialized in electronic appliances, such as televisions and refrigerators. They later expanded to mobile phones and internal and peripheral computer components, such as hard drives, memory cards, optical drives, flat screen monitors, and more. Their 3D Active glasses are battery-powered glasses, designed to be used with the Samsung television.

    Sony—is a Japanese corporation founded in 1946 in Tokyo. They have developed a wide range of electronic equipment for television and home theater, as well as video cameras, audio, and camera equipment. Their 3D glasses go together with their televisions and games, to allow the viewer a 3-D experience.

    3D Heaven —are resellers of a wide selection of 3D glasses. They sell 3D glasses for television, projectors, Pcs, polarized 3D glasses, Anaglyph 3D glasses, and more.

    True Depth 3D—was started in 2005. They make high-quality, low cost 3D glasses. They make a variety of glasses, according to the 3D TV or projector model that you are using.

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