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The 7 Best Bluetooth Headphones  May 2019

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Best Bluetooth Headphones - ROTTO Wireless & Bluetooth Headphone with FM Review ROTTO
9 . 9
Best Bluetooth Headphones - Meya Happy SX50 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Review Meya Happy
9 . 5
Best Bluetooth Headphones - boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Review Boat
9 . 1
Best Bluetooth Headphones - boAt Super Bass Rockerz 400 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones Review Boat
8 . 8
Best Bluetooth Headphones - Just Launched: Mi Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review Mi
8 . 7
Best Bluetooth Headphones - Boat Super Bass Rockerz 400 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones Review Boat
8 . 2
Best Bluetooth Headphones - iball Decibel BT01 Smart Headphone with Alexa Enabled Review iBall
8 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Bluetooth Headphone

By Benjamin Schleider

    These days, it seems that just about everyone has a smartphone on them. The great thing about a smartphone is that it can do so many different things—you can certainly use it to make calls, but you can also play music, watch videos, and do all sorts of other things. The problem is that your phone can be a distraction to others, and there are times when you need to put it away, but would still like to be able to listen to music or take calls. That’s where a Bluetooth device comes in. It allows for hands-free phone use, leaving you free to make and receive calls while getting your work done. Bluetooth headphones allow you do even more—you can still make your calls, but you can also use your phone’s other features (such as its music library). Here’s how to choose the right pair for you.

    Inside-the-ear: Once considered a novelty, earbud-style headphones have become pretty much the standard style for music players (such as the iPod), as well as many Bluetooth devices.

    Outside-the-ear: The traditional model of headphones, outside-the-ear versions are what they sound like: headphones that users attach to the outside of their ears, generally through the use of plastic half-loops that help to hold them in place.

    Sport models: These are specially designed headphones for people who use their phones while running or working out; they have added material that is used to absorb sweat, keeping the headphones dry and in good working order.

    Here are some of the topics reviewers write about when giving feedback on their Bluetooth headphone purchases:

    • Sound quality: Since many users use their headphones for listening to music while on the go, it makes sense that sound quality is probably the most common point they talk about. While a headphone is never going to be confused with a top-of-the-line home sound system, the best headphones produce rich, clear sound.
    • Comfort: With the best models, it can be easy to forget that you’re wearing anything. Headphones that aren’t so great have ways of reminding you that they’re attached to your ears.
    • Security: Since many users purchase headphones for use while working out or doing some other physical activity, it makes sense that they want ones that will fit securely in or over their ears and stay in place. The best brands do just that, staying firmly in place (while still being comfortable).
    • Sturdiness: In order to be practical, headphones have to be made of lightweight materials, such as thin plastics for earpieces. At the same time, they need to be durable, and good headphones are just that—they don’t fall apart after use.
    • Battery life: Eventually all headphones will need their batteries replaced, but with the better models, that won’t happen for a comparatively long time.
    • Use: Think about how you’re planning on using your headphones. If you know that you lead an active lifestyle, then it’s probably in your best interest to go with a “sport” model, which is built to be extra-durable and to be water- and sweat-resistant. If not, then a more “general” model might be what you want.
    • Device compatibility: Most headphone models will work with a pretty wide range of mobile devices, but it’s still worth taking your time to check and make sure that the headphones you’re looking at will work with your particular phone.
    • Weight: None of the headphones on the market can be described as heavy, but some are definitely bulkier than others. If that is something that could make a pair uncomfortable for you, be sure to look at the headphones’ specifications to see how heavy they are.
    • Replacement/aftermarket parts: Sometimes you’ll need to replace the covers of earbuds or over-the-ear headphones or other pieces of the device. In other cases, it’s not a necessity, but just something you would prefer to do for comfort or aesthetics. In either case, take a minute to see what kind of replacement parts are on the market—and how easy it is to find them in case they’re needed.

    Jaybird: Jaybird is an American manufacturer of sports and exercise accessories, including earbuds for people who need to use their phones while at the gym, on the court, or out for a run.

    66 Audio: 66 Audio is an American company that produces over-the-ear headphones, including a Bluetooth sports model.

    Kinivo: Kinivo is an American manufacturer of headphones, speakers, and other portable audio devices.

    Jabra: Jabra is the oldest brand on the list, with the company having been founded in Denmark in the 19th century. Today, it produces a wide range of audio equipment for use in homes, businesses, and cars, as well as headphones and other portable devices. 

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