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The 9 Best Tampons  May 2019

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Best Tampons - Sofy Soft Tampons - 32 Pieces (Super) Review Sofy
9 . 8
Best Tampons - Bella Tampo Super Plus Easy Twist - 16 Review Bella
9 . 5
Best Tampons - Helen Harper Normal and Super Applicator Tampons Review Helen Harper
9 . 2
Best Tampons - Sirona Premium Applicator Tampons Super Plus Heavy Flow Review Sirona
8 . 8
Best Tampons - Rivapax Sea Sponge Natural Tampons 2-in-1 Pack Review Rivapax
8 . 6
Best Tampons - Sirona FDA Approved Premium Digital Tampon Heavy Flow Review Sirona
8 . 3
Best Tampons - Sirona Disposal Bags for Discreet Disposal of Tampons Review Sirona
8 . 1
Best Tampons - Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Tampons Review PEESAFE
7 . 8
Best Tampons - O.b. Pro Comfort Regular Tampons (40 Count) Review o.b.
7 . 4

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Your Guide To Buying a Tampon

By Benjamin Schleider

    Every woman has that time of the month when Mother Nature arrives, bringing a whirlwind of things with her: off the map emotions, cravings of food and eating whatever is in sight, as well as the awful presence of cramps and bloating. When dealing with all of these things, why should you also have to worry about the kind of tampons to buy? There are many choices on the market today, and for some, this topic can be a bit uncomfortable, especially for someone who has just gotten their first period. This guide was written to help ease the decision-making process when it comes to the world of tampons.

    Types of Applicators

    Most tampons are made with a blend of cotton and rayon, as well as some synthetic materials. There are different ways that the tampon material can be stored and inserted where it needs to go. It is up to you to decide which one you will like the best.

    Cardboard: As its name says, this applicator is made of cardboard.  It is the simplest and most inexpensive, but can be a little tricky to insert if you are not used to it.

    Plastic: These are more expensive than cardboard applicators, but many women prefer these to any other type. The plastic material makes it very easy (and more comfortable) to insert compared to cardboard applicators.

    No applicator: Also called digital tampons, the compact tampon material is inserted with your fingers. These produce much less waste into the environment, both in the production and disposal, and can also provide you with more control when inserting.

    Sea sponges: These are reusable tampons made from natural sponge from the ocean; they are used in the same way as other tampons but they are completely organic in that they contain no synthetic materials, chemicals, or bleach.  They are environmentally friendly as well—after use they can simply be washed off and reused. Sea sponges will typically only last for about 3-6 months.


    This is a very important factor to consider. The size of the tampon should depend on the heaviness of your flow, the larger the tampon, the more absorbent. It is hard to know how much menstrual fluid will come, but once you get to know your cycle, a pattern may develop and it will be easier to know which size you will need during.

    • Lite: 6 grams and under
    • Regular: 6-9 grams
    • Super: 9 to 12 grams
    • Super plus: 12 to 15 grams
    • Ultra: 15-18 grams

    Scented or unscented?

    Some tampons contain deodorants in the material that serve the purpose of reducing menstrual odors. Scented tampons may leave you smelling fresher, but are considered unhealthy by a majority of gynecologists. 

    • Variety packs are great and convenient to purchase. Your period flow can change unexpectedly, and these packs come with tampons that vary in absorbency so you do not have to buy separately.
    • Leaking can be an embarrassing situation, and sometimes it is unclear when you need to change your tampon to prevent this. Some products offer leak protection, giving you extra time to notice and change the tampon.
    • Product design and wrapping of the tampon is important as well. You want to buy tampons that are easy to open, as well as easy to conceal or store in a pocket without harming the configuration of the tampon.
    • You should use the smallest absorbency tampon appropriate for your period.
    • Tampons need to be changed every four to eight hours, at least; they should not be slept in if you can avoid it.
    • You should not be able to feel a tampon once it’s properly inserted. If it is uncomfortable, there may have been a problem during insertion.
    • If it is painful or irritating to remove, you probably need a tampon that is less absorbent, and is therefore smaller.

    U by Kotex: A major producer of tampons, including click tampons, which allow you to carry your tampons discretely as they becomes full sized and ready to use when you are.

    Tampax: Has many varieties of tampons and product lines. The Pearl Active line is great for women who are naturally active and want extra protection during their workouts. The plastic applicator is slimmer than some, making for a more comfortable fit and easier insertion.

    Natracare: Offers tampons that are 100% organic, as well as biodegradable and compostable. This is a great option for those who are concerned about buying things that are completely natural, as well as for those who have sensitive reproductive systems.

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