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The 7 Best Wood Stoves  Sep 2018

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Best Wood Stoves - FIrewood Domestic Stove Review GREAT FUOCO
9 . 8
Best Wood Stoves - Envirofit Double Pot Stove, Black Review Envirofit
9 . 6
Best Wood Stoves - GREAT FUOCO Firewood Charcoal Domestic Stove Review GREAT FUOCO
9 . 3
Best Wood Stoves - Supernova Technologies Private Limited Wood Stove For Camping/Picnic/Outdoor Review SUPERNOVA
8 . 8
Best Wood Stoves - Generic Wood Burning Camping Stove,Solidified Alcohol Stove Outdoor Review
8 . 7
Best Wood Stoves - SUPERNOVA TECHNOLOGIES Family S.S Wood Stove, Smokeless Chulha Review SUPERNOVA TECHNOLOGIES
8 . 4
Best Wood Stoves - La Fabrica Exterior Fire Baby - Fire Stove Review La Fabrica Exterior
8 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Wood Stofe

By Dennis McGlothin

    Wood stoves are impressively versatile devices. A wood stove can be an excellent addition to your home’s décor, adding beauty and functionality—it can warm a whole house as well, saving money and providing an inviting gathering spot for family and friends. Portable wood stoves are great tools for campers; not only do they provide heat, but they also give users a place to cook dinner or heat up food. Depending on your needs, a wood stove can be well worth your money, and here is how you can find the best model to suit your lifestyle.

    When you shop for wood stoves, one of the first things you’ll notice is the wide range of prices. The reason for this comes down to how the stove is meant to be used.

    Portable: Portable wood stoves are made of lightweight materials—and less of them—so that they can be set up, broken down, and transported easily. Therefore, they are much less expensive than “home” stoves.

    Home: “Home” wood stoves are designed to be permanent (or at least semi-permanent) fixtures in the home. They are made with more durable, heavier materials—and have more equipment—and are therefore considerably more expensive.

    These are the most common themes in online reviews for wood stoves:

    • Venting: Airflow is critical for all stoves because it is directly related to how much heat they can generate. Especially for indoor stoves, airflow and venting are absolutely essential, since proper ventilation is key to safely operating indoor wood stoves. The best models provide for excellent airflow, both into and out of the stove.
    • Durability: This is important for all stoves—they need to be constructed from durable materials that can stand up to years of use. For outdoor models, that means combining durability with lightweight materials so that the stove can be durable, safe, and portable.
    • Installation: The best stoves are easy to set up, whether they are portable models or ones that are meant to stay in more permanent positions. Of course, speed is only part of the installation—the stove also needs to be secure once it’s been set up.
    • Your planned use: When you shop for a wood stove, you’ll obviously know whether you want a portable or home model. However, if you go for a portable stove, think about how you’re planning to use it. Some portable stoves are little more than holders for wood, while others are closer to outdoor stoves.
    • Heating range: For both home and portable stoves, it’s worth taking the time to look at how much heat the stove will generate—and how widely you can expect the heat to radiate—and purchase according to your needs.
    • Chimney specifications: This is an important consideration for home stoves. Before purchasing one, make sure that it will work with the way your house is set up.

    Pleasant Hearth: Pleasant Hearth specializes in indoor fireplace accessories, offering both traditional wood-burning and electric models.

    Solo Stove: Solo Stove is an American company that specializes in producing camping and other portable wood stoves.

    United States Stove Company: The United States Stove Company offers an array of wood stoves and accessories for indoor use, and has been doing so for well over 100 years.

    Vargo: Vargo produces a number of camp stoves and other outdoor and portable stoves and accessories.